11 Tips for Buying Valentine’s Day Jewelry

11 Tips for Buying Valentine’s Day Jewelry

When it comes to buying jewelry for women, most men have no idea what to buy. So, on special events like valentine's day, when you don't want to mess things up, you must get the perfect gift for your girl.

While you cannot ask them what they want as it kills the surprise, you can always take assistance from tips for buying valentine's day jewelry for your girlfriend or wife.

11 Tips for Buying Valentine’s Day Jewelry

So, here are the top 11 tips you may follow when buying a valentine's gift for your significant other.

1.      Always start with your loved one’s taste in jewelry

The best way to find the right jewelry item is by finding out what your loved one likes the most. For instance, is her taste in earrings all about tiny or bigger tops? Similarly, does she like heavy necklaces with bigger pendants or not?

If your girl actively wears jewelry, it will not be hard for you to find out her taste in any specific item. Once you know what she likes and what she doesn’t, buying the right gift for her will be much simpler for you.

2.      Do your research about the materials and the stones.

Next, you need to do your research about the materials and stones. Jewelry is available in all different qualities. For instance, you can find expensive gold ones, and there will be more budget-friendly silver ones.

The same goes true with the stones, where one type of diamond will be expensive, while you can also find a much cheaper one without compromising on the quality.

So, before you buy anything, you must know everything about the material and the stone. This way, you can check for everything that needs to be there. For instance, in gold, you may find several karat values.

3.      Stay safe from fraud when buying an expensive valentine's day necklace for her.

You must stay away from expensive jewelry fraud at all costs. If you feel like you are lured into something too good to be true, you don't want to go for that, and the best example includes discounts over 50%.

So, if you are getting something expensive, either get it from a well-reputed store or look for all the details on their website and other review platforms to ensure that you get into the right place.

4.      Check her collection to see what she is missing.

Most women have lots of jewelry items all the time. From earrings to necklaces and rings, they have everything. It may make things confusing for you when buying a gift for her.

So, the right way is to check her collection and see what's missing there.

In some cases, you may not find anything to be missing, but if you find a ring that is worn out, then it surely is the right time to get her a new ring.

5.      Every woman has specific colors in jewelry that she likes

Jewelry comes in all different colors, but the most common ones today include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rose gold
  • Black
  • Blue

All these look attractive, but it does not mean that your girl may necessarily like gold jewelry just because it is attractive.

So, instead of wasting this amazing gifting opportunity, you must look for something that she likes, and looking at the items she already has will give you an idea about her likes and dislikes.

6.      Necklaces are not one-size-fits-all. So, always get the right length

If you are getting a necklace, you must be careful about its size because not all necklaces come in the same size. So, instead of gifting something that doesn't fit her the first time, get the right size necklace, as it shows how much attention you have put into the gift.

Luckily, you can get the bigger ones made short to the perfect size, but if you like a smaller necklace, there may be no options to get it to the right size.

7.      No matter what you get, always check the size before buying

Buying the right gift for her will not always be about getting the right necklace chain size. Instead, it applies to everything, like the size of earrings, rings, stones, etc.

If your girl does not like bigger jewelry items, search for smaller ones, as you want to give her something that adds sentimental value.

8.      Some jewelry items are made specifically for specific types of dressing

Today, jewelry is made and sold according to the attire you can pair it up with. For instance, there will be some casual wearing items that she may wear to her office or in her daily routine.

Similarly, there are some jewelry items made especially for occasions.

Pairing up the wrong dress with the wrong jewelry kills the charm, so you must look for the right jewelry for her. You can add that to the gift if she doesn't have the right dress to pair up with the jewelry.

9.      See if you can add an element of customization to bring more value

Valentine's day gifts are all about the sentimental value that strengthens the relationship between the two. Well, everyone can get a simple necklace, but when you add the element of customization to a gift, its value further increases because now it will be one of a kind gift.

Today, you may find several customization options, especially when buying rings and necklaces. So, whenever possible, go for customizations, even if it is only about adding her name to the jewelry item.

10.  Letting your girl choose will be amazing. However, it may end the surprise.

If you don't know what to get her for the valentine's day gift, you both can shop together. Well, it may not be as exciting as surprising her with the gift you bought for her.

However, shopping together will still be an amazing way to find the perfect gift for her. It will give you some time to understand each other, and suggestions from both sides will always result in the perfect gift.

11.  Try to create special moments with the jewelry that you gift her

If you cannot find anything, the great idea is to think of the special moments and buy that jewelry. For instance, your wife might have shown you something she liked but couldn't get.

Similarly, it could be something that she had sentimental values attached to, but she lost that.

So, gifting such a jewelry item will automatically add more sentimental value, making this valentine's day even more romantic for you.

Things to avoid when buying jewelry or a valentine's day necklace for her

Now that you know the best tips about buying the right valentine's day gift, there are a few things that you must avoid. So, refrain from the following things if you want to buy the most valuable gift for her.

  1. Always stay focused on your price range. Don't go over your budget to get something more expensive, as these gifts are about the sentimental value, not the price.
  2. If your woman shops from a specific shop, don’t buy from other shops. That shopkeeper may assist you in buying the right surprise for her. Moreover, she will be more than satisfied with the quality.
  3. Never compromise quality for a cheaper price. Whenever you must lower your budget, select a cheaper material or stone, but never go for cheaper quality in expensive metals or stones, as those don't look good.
  4. Never think that expensive gifts will add more value to your relationship
  5. Never expect returns for your timeless gifts, as expectations may break your heart the most.
  6. Don’t get the same item over again because the sentimental value for that item will keep decreasing whenever she gets something twice.
  7. Don’t get anything that doesn’t accept returns or replacements. It can be very helpful if your loved one wants to exchange that for something she wants more.

As you avoid these things, you will always buy better gifts for your loved ones with special sentimental value.

Top 7 trending valentine’s day gift ideas for you.

If you want the best gift for her and cannot decide which one will be the best, here we have shared the top 7 trending valentine's day gift ideas you may follow.

1.      Wild Snowflake Pendant

This 925 Sterling Silver Snowflake Pendant is a sparkling piece of jewelry that looks even more attractive due to its array of premium diamonds.

This necklace is a tiny snowflake so it will be the perfect gift for most women.

It can hold a special value for you if you sentimentally relate it with a memorable event from the winter or anything that she likes specifically about winters.

2.      Custom Heart Necklace

Customizations always make gifts more special, and this Silver customizable heart necklace will be perfect for your wife or girlfriend. In this necklace, you can get the names of your two personalized.

So, it will never be like any ordinary gift for her. It is made with 925 Silver with a premium shine and feels. If it is your first valentine's day together, gifting her this necklace will show your love for her.

Make Her Smile with a Heart-Shaped Letter Necklace

3.      Mermaid Necklace

Whether you have a beach-themed destination wedding or a memorable beach trip, this mermaid necklace will be a good gift to keep those special moments always memorable.

It is a medium-small size necklace pendant, so that it will fit most women's jewelry requirements. Even if you are arranging a beach date with your loved one, get this Mermaid necklace gift to make the whole thing more memorable for her.

Original Necklace Mermaid Valentine's Day Gift

4.      Four-leaf Clover Necklace

The four-leaf clover is the sign of luck, and if your loved one is turning out to be lucky for you, then there is no better way to treat her other than this special gift.

Get this for her valentine's day gift to add even more sentimental value. This necklace comes with its personalized 16+ cm chain that makes the whole thing match perfectly with several dresses.

Make Your Wishes Come True with a Lucky Necklace

5.      Premium Heart Necklace

Planning to get something that looks and feels premium. Consider this premium necklace. It is made with premium silver and a diamond in it.

The dual inverted heart shape makes it unique, but this necklace's real attraction is the well-sized stone inside the heart.

So, if your wife likes bigger stones, get this one for her as she will like this one, especially as her valentine's day gift.

Surprise Her with a Premium Necklace

6.      Heartbeat Necklace

This cute necklace is made for all casual and occasional wearers, so there will be no better way than this necklace if you want to show your love for her.

The unique design of this necklace allows you to use it with different types of chains so that it will offer a personalized experience to your loved one.

Heart shape always expresses love, and giving her this necklace this valentine's day will be your cute way of showing your love for her.

celebrate love with a heartbeat necklace

7.      100 Languages Deer Necklace

This 100 languages necklace always spreads the message of love. This necklace comes with a unique deer shape design to make it attractive.

However, real beauty can be seen when the light shines through the lens of this necklace.

So, gift her this necklace, talk about a special feature, and wait for her reaction when she finds the cute message hidden in the necklace.

Celebrating Love with a Hundred Languages

Final Words

Selecting the right gift for your loved ones couldn’t be any easier because when you follow the tips shared above, you will always get the perfect gift item for her.

Avoiding things to avoid adds special value to the gift as well.

However, if you are still confused about buying the right gift, go for one of the trending gift ideas these days.

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